We are a team of like-minded individuals that are passionate about the convergence of Culture, Gaming, Entertainment, and Commerce and the impact this intersection will have on the world. 

We are passionate about the massive culture of video games and are a team of experts and leaders in utilizing peer-to-peer influence as a means of marketing products and services. 

3BLACKDOT (3BD) is an influencer-driven digital studio that is focused on leading gaming culture. 3BD is comprised of some of the largest YouTube & Twitch lnfluencers In the world that garner over 650 Million monthly views on their content and have a global audience of 8O+Million followers. 3BD works with Strategic Partners, Top Advertisers, Brands, and Individuals to leverage the massive audiences of leading lnfluencers from around the world and to drive engaged audiences to games, content, platforms, products, and services.